Top camera 2019: Find the best types of camera that suits you best

Top camera 2019: Find the best types of camera that suits you best
Find the best types of camera that suits you best

If you’re seek to find the right camera for yourself or for a friend. Finding difficulty in choosing which type of camera will be best for you? then why not have a look at our buying tutorial to help you find the right camera for you.

Cameras come with several shapes and sizes, and no one is considerately better. Which camera works better completely depends on the purpose or specific needs. At first, you need to figure out what overall type of camera you want.

In recent days, people don’t usually buy a camera. Because of the fancy smartphone in your pocket probably has a camera that outcome good results, and for many people, that’s sufficient.

But still, phone cameras aren’t up to the job of making “great qualities worthy” images, and that’s why you need a proper camera.

For good quality images, you need something that offers a bit more creative and productive control. That might offer an interchangeable lens system, the option that gives choices to use a proper flash, and a collection of shooting modes from automatic, through to manual.

Every camera handles this sort of thing in various ways. Therefore, choosing the right one can be difficult for you.

So we’ve done a list of the most attractive types of cameras with description, so you can decide which one is best suited for you.

Of course, all cameras priced will be in different ranges, so check out relevant buying guides that match your buying plans and well suited for you.

Every camera recommended in this article will provide better quality than your smartphone currently does.

Here are MyTips9 best cameras:

1. Nikon Z6

2. Fujifilm X-T30

3. Sony A7 III

4. Nikon D850

5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Looking for extra guidance?

1. Compact Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are the future because it offers most of the features of a DSLR camera and also smaller and lighter in size. And also they’re less expensive. 

The reason for calling it “Mirrorless” is the lack of an internal mirror that reflects light onto the sensor. The new mirrorless cameras are an impressive alternative to the DSLR. Many professional photographers are shifting over to mirrorless cameras or using it as an alternative to their usual DSLR, such as while traveling.

These cameras are functional, high-performance cameras. They will provide you a lot of control over your results. And also you can change lenses on these cameras, and they have a ton of features for creative control. Some models offer facial recognition. This is attractive for event or wedding photography. Most of the cameras offer high resolution and video, and also supports WiFi capability that allows you to remote control your camera. So you can control your smart device from a distance.

In the end, The new mirrorless cameras are now suited to capturing incredible, high-resolution images. They can compare with some best DSLR cameras out there at a cheap price.

2. DSLRs – Digital Single Lens Reflex

Top camera 2019: Find the best types of camera that suits you best 1

Digital SLRs are for both serious amateurs and professionals. These are larger and heavier than compact cameras. Most professional uses cameras out there are DSLRs. (Even though mirrorless camera gaining popularity)

The idea of design and function comes from film cameras. Many come with a cropped-sensor. It allows manufacturers to make these cameras less expensive. So DSLRs are accessible to a wide variety of consumers.

The lenses of DSLR are interchangeable. How they behave will depend on whether the camera you choose has a cropped sensor or a full-frame sensor. The lenses for these cameras range in quality.

Most manufacturers offer less expensive for amateur photographers. And then a much more expensive model aimed at professional photographers. An example here is Canon’s L-series.

DSLRs also offer a diversity of manual settings and creative controls. It allows you to take images in Automatic mode. But these cameras offer Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual mode as well.

The benefit is that they have an optical viewfinder which is come in a range of sensor sizes, some being APS-C while others are full-frame. Shutter speeds can reach faster ranges and have a better low-light capability.

3. Medium Format Camera Types

Top camera 2019: Find the best types of camera that suits you best 2

It’s not in the average person’s price range because of its high price. And it’s worthless for most shooting situations. 

Medium format attribute to the 120 size film format used in the Hasselblad V system film cameras. Hasselblad is a well-known manufacturer of this type of camera system.

Medium-format is a camera with a larger sensor than a full-frame DSLR. It is used in certain types of advertising where high resolutions are needed.

These cameras offer fantastic resolution. 

But they have less sophisticated autofocusing systems and burst modes. therefore, these types of cameras are not suitable for every genre of photography. On the other hand, the price tag for this type of camera is exorbitant. Even professionals rent rather than buying it. 

For instance, the Hasselblad H6D-400c offers 100 megapixels and a 53.4×40.0mm sensor. And it costs almost $50,000 USD for the body alone.

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