How to type faster, Touch typing tutorial – 10 tips to increase typing WPM speed

How to type
Touch typing

Typing isn’t easy as it seems to all. Too many keys in keyboards make it more complex for beginner typers. Many of them end up learning incorrectly and that decreases productivity, wastes time on typing and reduces the efficiency of work and effectiveness. Therefore, knowing the correct way of typing is important.

How to type?

There are no special hidden tips for getting a faster typist. The main secret is: The more you practice, the more your typing speed will improve. To increase your typing speed you may be required some time so be patient. Keep practicing, type with your keyboard when using Facebook or other social media.

To type faster, you need to learn touch typing

What is touch typing?

Touch typing is typing without looking down at keys of keyboard with your feeling or sense. At the beginning learning touch typing for a beginner can be frustrating and tedious. But I promise you once you get used to it, you will thank me. When you familiar with it and become comfortable with it, try to speed up. 

Holding fingers in keys of your keyboard is very important or you will find yourself can’t speed up more in some stage. So you need to know the keyboard and your finger position on keys of the keyboard. Touch typing surely makes your typing effective, productive and it really worth learning.

Finger position for Touch Typing:

Hold your finger in keys as shown in the picture below.

Touch Typing
Finger position for touch typing

10 Tips for Faster typing

  1. Learn Touch typing: Typing without looking down at the keyboard is necessary for typing fast. It is the most crucial factor in achieving fast typing. So learning it is immensely important.
  2. Aim for Accuracy: Aim for accuracy rather than speed up when typing. If you make a lot of mistakes in typing that something a serious issue for a typer. When you mistakenly type an incorrect word that causes extra double typing for typing backspace and recorrect that word.  It is highly recommended to fix your typing mistakes. So if you have typed improperly try to fix them from right no. Try to increase your accuracy to 100%. When coming across typing long words or difficult words, slow down your speed try to type that word correctly. You can always speed up when you have higher accuracy.
  3. Practice Regularly: Mastering in typing skill required time and a lot of practice. So practice typing every day a certain amount of time.
  4. Slowly Speed up: Don’t rush to speed up. Take your time, increase your accuracy and slowly speed up the common word that you type very frequently. 
  5. Get to know your keyboard: Learning keyboard layout, and keys are important. Most of the keyboards come with qwerty layout. For touch typing your left-hand finger position on keys of keyboard should be “asdf” and right-hand finger position “jkl;”. So it’s better to know all the keys of the keyboard.
  6. Test yourself in Online typing test: There are plenty of online typing test websites available. One of the most popular website is TypeRacer. You can practice and test your typing there. It will improve your typing speed for sure.
  7. Siting and body Position: Create a comfortable working space. Make sure to keep your back straight and keep 45- 70cm of distance from your screen. Rest your fingers, wrists and yourself after every one or two hours.
  8. Don’t Give up: Keep stick with it no matter how many times you make mistakes or losses in typing test. Maybe one day you will able to type as 100 WPM+. Good speed is very beneficial for both work and students. In both cases, it saves a lot of time.
  9. Play Word games: Playing online games also an easiest way of increasing typing speed even though some say that it makes some bad habit of making mistakes in typing. So be sure to fix those mistakes.
  10. Take Break: You will make a lot of mistakes at the beginning and it’s very normal. So don’t get stressed and despair. Whenever you fill distracted or exhausted give a break. Take your time to rest your fingers, wrest. Come back when you feel refreshed and relaxed it is more productive and effective for typing. 

Some Frequently asked questions.

  • What is WPM? 
  • WPM refers to Words Per Minute.
  • Is Typing 30 wpm good?
  • Not bad but the average typing speed is between 35-40.
  • Is Typing 50 wpm good?
  • The straight answer is: Yes. Anything above average is considered as good.
  • Is it possible to type 100 wpm?
  • Yes. It is possible. The highest typing wpm is 212 by English language typist Barbara.
  • How long it takes to reach average typing speed 40-45 wpm?
  • Well, it entirely depends on you. Your capability, practice time and dedication. If you keep practicing regularly you’ll pass 45wpm in no time.
  • What is considered to be fast typing wpm?
  • Anything above average is considered as good. But professional typist average speed passes 70 wpm.
  • If have more question please let us know in the comment below. 

    How to type faster

    Final Touch

    There are plenty of software available for offline typing tests if you are not interested in software you always can test yourself in online typing games or in typing tests. But be sure to practice regularly but don’t overdo it. I hope our tutorial will help you with your typing experience.

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